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South Brook has several committees which are completely individual in their mandates, but all work together to provide services and amenities for the Town.


South Brook Recreation Committee - This committee is responsible for sports and other activities in the town and often holds events for different ages. The Committee is also responsible for taking care of the recreation center, playground and softball field.

The members are as follows:

Golda Thomas, Chairperson

Jodie Dicks, Secretary

Morris Shiner, Co-Chair

Munn Burton, Town representative

Jamie Matthews

Michelle Morey




Fitness Committee - This is a brand new committee as of 2005.  The fitness center came about mainly due to volunteer donations of time, funds and equipment.  At present there are about 15 pieces of equipment at the center, which is located on the top floor of the Town Hall. Fees are as follows; $15.00 for one month or $2.00 drop in.  All new members must sign a waiver of release of responsibility in the case of injury.

There are plans to have organized fitness classes later this year as well as walks, hikes, etc.

For more information or to join this committee, please call Carolyn Colbourne at 657-2073.

Please note that the Fitness Center is still welcoming any used equipment that you may have.




C.A.P. Committee (Community Access Program) - The CAP Committee has been around since 2001 and is an iniative of the Department of Education and receives funding for various events and purchases throughout the year.  The CAP site is located at the Town Hall and presently has 7 computer systems, three cameras, a scanner, two printers, a laminating machine, fax machine, and book binding machine readily available. 

It's mandate is to provide public internet access to people of all ages, and to educate the general public on the use of such.  From time to time there are training sessions held in the basics of computer and internet use.

The most recent news at the CAP site is the switch from dial up internet service to the faster, sattelite service - thanks to funding from the Department of Education.  This is huge, due to the fact that there is no high speed service here at South Brook presently, except for a couple of privately owned systems.

The CAP site has it's own website at which also contains information and pictures regarding South Brook.



Town of South Brook, P.O. Box 63, 28-33 Roberts Arm Road, South Brook, NL AOJ 1S0