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Visitors like to know a little about our town before and after they visit.  On this page you will find some of our history, what you can do in the area, etc.

Green Bay location

History of the Town of South Brook

Most of this history was taken from a research paper done by theTown Of South Brook with the assistance of a student project. The students who worked on this paper were Neva Burton, Lester Burton, Cliff Roberts and Gerald Barrett 
South Brook is a scenic community situated at the bottom of Hall's Bay.On one side is the Brook from which the Town gets it's name, and on the other side is a large hill called "Rowsell's Hill", named after one of South Brook's early settlers.

The first white settlers were lured to South Brook by the abundance of timber in the area. The three rivers in the area,South Brook,West Brook and Indian River provided easy access to the interior and it's large stands of timber. This timber would be cut and floated out the rivers to the mills in South Brook and Springdale.The chief source of income for the settlers was the abundance of salmon in the three rivers.

The Rowsell and Knight families were the first "English" settlers in South Brook.
Henry Rowsell,wife Drucella and their children, Eunice, Martha, Luke and George was the first family to settle here along with the Knight family.The children married and settled elsewhere but the Rowsell's and Knight's are buried in an old cemetery in South Brook

South Brook was first served by traveling ministers from the Little Bay Islands charge.According to the records from Little Bay Islands charge,a Rev.C.Myres was stationed there in 1874. He ministered from Little Bay Islands to South Brook and all points in between.

His first visit to South Brook, was on February 28, 1874. At that time he baptized three children born to Eli and Rachel Burton. They were, Fanny Ann, aged five years, Emmile, aged three years and Levi, aged two years.

At the time the Rowsell's and Knight's arrived in South Brook there was already a band of Indians in the area, living in their own small villages, such as Wigwam Point, Beachy Cove, and Dock Point.     They were Micmac Indians who were trying to preserve their language and lifestyle. The men were resourceful, industrious and independent, living mainly by hunting, fishing and also serving as guides to people who wished to fish for salmon in the rivers running into Hall's Bay.

The Micmac's were often hired as guides and helpers by those who were  prospecting for minerals and men surveying the timber in the area. Despite the difference in language and lifestyle, a good relationship and mutual respect was maintained between the two groups.

The most prominent names were Paul's, Joe's, Jedore's, Bushy and Stevenson. Steve Stevenson lived in South Brook for many years. Andrew Joe, who was the Chief, accompanied Governor Glover and five other men into the interior of Newfoundland in 1878 as their guide

Map of the Green Bay area

Our Mission and Mandate

The mission and mandate of the Town of South Brook is to provide safe and up to date services to the residents of the Town, comparable to that of other towns in the Province.  This includes water & sewer services, street lighting and property assessment services.  From time to time the Town reviews it's status with respect to these services and makes adjustments, upgrades and repairs as necessary and as funds allow.   

Where we are located

The Town of South Brook is located on the Trans Canada Highway (on Route 380)  East of Deer Lake and West of Grand Falls-Windsor.  We are approximately 500 KM West of St. John's and 400 KM East of Port Aux Basques.
Located in Central Newfoundland, South Brook is strategically located in that it is between two major airports (Gander and Deer Lake) with both less than 2 hours drive away.  It is also situated directly on the Trans Canada Highway, and visitors like the fact that they do not have to travel off the main road when stopping for a rest or refreshment in South Brook.
Our town is also located in Halls Bay, and the town is actually built near the ocean.  This means that we are often treated by visits from whales, capelin and other aquatic creatures. 
The major commercial area here is Springdale, which is only 20 minutes away and includes a clinic, RCMP office, shopping centers, etc.
See map at bottom of this page for further reference.

South Brook in winter

Map of Newfoundland


Town of South Brook, P.O. Box 63, 28-33 Roberts Arm Road, South Brook, NL AOJ 1S0