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View of the Town from Rowsell's Hill


Thanks for dropping by!

The Town of South Brook welcomes you, and

 invites you to visit whenever you have time

 and opportunity. Our town is well known for

 it's natural beauty, majestic scenery, and the

 vast oasis of the great outdoors! Whether

you are a hunter, hiker, fisherman, or simply

a  passerby looking for new-uncharted

territory, this is the place to be. Check out

the various pages on this site to see what

you are missing by not being here right now!

To  all of you, Madyed! - Beothuk for "Come

back again!"

Town of South Brook
28-33 Robert's Arm Road
P.O. Box 63
South Brook, NL AOJ 1S0
PHONE: (709) 657-2206
FAX    : (709) 657-2202

South Brook is a scenic community situated at the bottom of Hall's Bay.On one side is the Brook from which the Town gets it's name, and on the other side is a large hill called "Rowsell's Hill", named after one of South Brook's early settlers.


Town of South Brook, P.O. Box 63, 28-33 Roberts Arm Road, South Brook, NL AOJ 1S0